Seven childcare centers licensed to operate

The Government Commissioner of the Public Entity St. Eustatius, Marnix van Rij, granted the license for 7 organizations on the island to operate their care center.

This decision follows the requirements of the Island Basic Ordinance Childcare St. Eustatius. Based on these demands all 7 centers have met the requirements, such as a pedagogical plan, a safe and healthy environment and trained personnel.

The companies are the Bethel Methodist school Pre-K division, Seventh-Day Adventist school Pre-K division, Youth Care Foundation; Buzzy Bees Inn Daycare Center, Maychee’s Daycare Center, Happy Kids Nursery, Daughters of the King Foundation and the Mega D Youth Foundation.

The organizations have been working diligently and in close communication with the Best4Kids (B4Kids) program and the Public Entity St. Eustatius, to meet the criteria. “This means that Statia is one step further in offering quality care to all children in the age range from zero to twelve years old,” said Project Manager St. Eustatius, Angela Dekker.

The local inspectors visited all the centers and made reports for the quality committee to advise Government about the licensing. "This is one of the important aspects of the B4Kids program,” said the Director of Social Domain, Carol Jack-Roosberg. “Together we will make sure that children are offered quality programs.”