Statia introduces electronic child database

The Public Health Department will use an electronic child database as of tomorrow, June 1st. 2021. Using this electronic system called KD+ will enhance the efficiency of the Youth Healthcare Section of the Public Health Department. All information regarding children that is monitored by Youth Healthcare, can be sent electronically to other users of KD+.

This system will also assist in collecting data about the youth in Statia. Another advantage of KD+ is that it will reduce the use of paper.


As of August 2019 the Public Health Departments in Statia and Saba collaborated with Topicus to develop an electronic data system for children. Topicus is a company in the Netherlands which developed several safe electronic systems. The KD+ is an existing electronic child database system that is already being used in some parts of the Netherlands. The system has been adapted to be tailor made for Statia and Saba.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the launch was delayed with more than a year. The nurses and doctor from the Youth Healthcare section were trained together with the nurses and doctor of Saba in March 2020. Nurse Abraham, nurse Wijsman and Dr. Baboe-Kalpoe will start working with this system as of tomorrow June 1st 2021.

Enlarge image
Group of nurses and doctors who were trained to work with the KD+system.