Department of Culture

The Department of Culture’s aim is to put culture on the front burner of the development of the island of St. Eustatius.  Culture is also placed at the very heart of the community by developing a more collaborative approach across all sectors – arts, film, heritage, education, traditions, as well as the Statian language/oral traditions, folkloric, societal, economic and core communal values.

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Image: ©Photographer: Jacquil Pandt / Photographer: Jacquil Pandt

The department develops and preserves St. Eustatius’s rich cultural identity to ensure that cultural resources are protected and sustained. Creativity in the arts is fostered and recognized. The Public Entity of St. Eustatius believes that cultural education is essential as it is beneficial and fruitful for the island while simultaneously espousing national pride.

A culture that is strong and vibrant, and an active community participating to ensure social cohesion and nation building is an incredible resource which we believe should be developed and maintained.


Address: Government Guesthouse

Telephone: (+599) 318-5262