Statia has a unique set of tourism experiences to offer. Authenticity and scenic beauty are all around. The natural, cultural and historical qualities of Statia merge in a range of activities that are on offer. These activities are laced with a tranquil Caribbean vibe. Hiking, diving and visiting historical sights are easily combined in a few days. Statia can be reached by a short flight from the international airport of St. Maarten, just a 20 minute flight with Winair

St. Eustatius cherishes the natural beauty of its island. Nature is considered to be the true wealth of Statia. That is why efforts are taken to avoid mass tourism in the area. St Eustatius is a tropical island with its own unique natural history, its own special ecosystems and habitats teeming with rare and exotic life. The Dutch Caribbean is home to more than 35 globally endangered or vulnerable species, including trees, snakes, sea turtles, birds, whales and fish. The natural beauty on Statia includes coral reefs but also seagrass beds, rain forests, cactus and woodlands.  Without a doubt Statia constitutes a biodiversity hotspot.

With this in mind, the Public Entity of St Eustatius aims to reach Statia’s potential in eco-tourism by preserving and enhancing its natural environment and the preservation of its historical, social and cultural heritage. Eco-tourism is a form of tourism in which visitors leave no ecological trace behind them. St. Eustatius  believes tourism can be sustainable and promote this ideology.

In order to find out more about tourism on Statia or to book your next vacation please visit  the website of the St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation