COVID-19 Update Sunday January 2nd, 2022

Fellow Statian Residents,

This is Government Commissioner Alida Francis with an update on the Covid -19 situation today Sunday January 2nd 2022.

The current number of active cases on St. Eustatius is 44. This include persons who were tested by The Public Health Department, the Queen Beatrice Medical Center and those who used the self-test. The self-test results were retested by the Public Health Department.

On Monday January 3rd regular vaccination, booster campaign and testing for Covid-19 continue at one location: the Hospitainer

To do so safely the Public Health Department will carry out the Regular Vaccination and Booster Campaign on the inside the Hospitainer. Testing for Covid-19 will take place outside under a tent.

Persons with an appointment are advised parking will not be allowed on the parking lot of the Hospitainer. Everyone is advised to park nearby and come to the Hospitainer on foot. An exemption will be made for persons with a physical disability. When you arrive at the entrance of the Hospitainer security will guide the process.

Once you have been vaccinated, boostered or tested for Covid-19 do not hang around. This way the area is cleared and does not become too congested. Your cooperation and understanding will allow a smooth and safe process.


Regular Vaccination and Booster Campaign:

Monday January 3rd, until Friday January 7th, 2022, at the Hospitainer (inside)

9.00 am until 12.00 Noon

2.00 pm until    4.00 pm

Registration for vaccination and booster:

GGD Tel: 318-5146. Walk with your ID card!

For the Booster shot for persons 60+ the Moderna Vaccine will be used, as long we have in stock

For the Booster shot persons under 60 and vaccination for the first and second shot the Pfizer vaccine will be used.

Testing for Covid-19:

Monday January 3rd, until Friday January 7th, 2022, at Hospitainer (outside)

9.00 am until 12.00 noon

2.00 pm until 4.00 pm

Registration for Covid-19 testing: GGD Tel: 318-2796. Walk with your ID card!

Persons with flu like symptoms are asked not to self-diagnose. Please follow instructions of the Public Health Department. By refusing to get tested for Covid -19, especially when you are a close contract of someone who tested positive, you run the risk of further spreading the virus. Spreading the virus further has consequences for public health and daily life.  

The Ministry of Health will be assisting St. Eustatius with additional nursing staff. Prior the outbreak two additional nurses were approved to assist with the Booster Campaign. Another request for assistance has meanwhile been submitted for additional nurses to assist with the current situation where families of frontline personnel have been affected and therefore cannot work. This has resulted in a shortage of personnel.

How to minimize the chance of infecting your family?

The Public Health Department (GGD) is reminding all families that were affected by covid-19 and that ae under the same roof to strictly follow these instructions:

  • Wear a mask and social/physical distance as much as possible.
  • Washing and sanitizing the hands often is strongly advised.
  • Persons infected must not sleep in the same bedroom with other members of the family that are not infected.
  • Sanitize bathroom and kitchen each time after use.
  • Ventilate your home as much as possible by leaving windows and doors open for several hours daily.
  • If a family member develops severe complications, please call QBMC Tel: 318-2211 or 318- 2371. The nurse on duty will do the triage and give further instructions in consultation with the doctor. PLEASE CALL FIRST!
  • A more detailed list of instructions can be found on the FB page Government of St. Eustatius. This is also available at the Hospitainer.

How to use the self-test?

You can use a self-test kit if you have mild symptoms that could indicate COVID-19. Mild symptoms include a mild nasal cold, slight cough or sore throat. If the self-test is positive, make an appointment at the GGD to confirm the test result.

The self-tests cannot be used to decide whether to end quarantine measures. In addition, vulnerable people and people who work with or have contact with vulnerable people are advised to always make a test appointment at the GGD.

This use of self-tests increased the chance of detecting asymptomatic infections and helping to prevent you from infecting others without realising it.

No absolute certainty

A self-test is less precise than a test done by a professional. That is why the

result of a self-test is less reliable. There is a possibility that a negative test

result could be incorrect. Also, a test only shows the results at that moment in

time. You could still become contagious after using the test, and then infect

others without realising it. That means that a negative test result is only valid for a short time. It is therefore still important to follow the basic measures: wearing nose-mouth mask, wash hands, give each other space, stay home, and register to get tested by the Public Health Department if you have symptoms; Tel: 318-2796.

If you are wondering whether to use a self-test or get tested by the GGD, then you should always opt to get tested by the GGD. Did you test positive for COVID-19 on the self-test? Then you should always make a GGD appointment to confirm the test result.

The Public Health Department will make self-test available for vital public services including Police, Fire Department, Hospital, Auxiliary Home, Day Care Centres, Public Entity employees,

All other organizations and individuals can purchase self-tests at the Pharmacy Tel: 318-3301

Funeral Jessica Berkel

On Monday January 3rd Jessica Berkel will be laid to rest. The family is hosting a Celebration of her Life and Legacy at the Mike van Putten Youth Centre starting at 2.00 pm. Due to the current Covid-19 situation a special protocol is put in place. This means there can be no large gathering and no shaking of hands. Physical distancing and wearing a mask will be strictly applied.

The family, friends and well-wishers are granted the opportunity to bid farewell. Maximum 25 persons at a time is allowed entry to the venue and leaving immediately to grant others the same opportunity to pay their final respect. Persons who will pay tribute will also do so and leave immediately. The funeral will broadcast live via Facebook and YouTube Channel. Follow the Facebook page STENAPA for more details. Jessica Berkel was a former civil servant. On behalf of the Public Entity St. Eustatius sincerest sympathy to loved ones left to mourn.

GvP School students resit exams Monday and Tuesday,

 Students of the Gwendoline van Putten School are herewith notified that the resit of examinations continues Monday January 3rd and Tuesday January 4th as planned. The management of the school and the crisis coordinator have put in place a strict protocol that will allow for physical distancing. Wearing of a mask is required.  On behalf of the Public Entity, I wish you much success with your exams!

Day Care Centres & After School Centres

The Buzzy Bees Day Care is closed on Monday and Tuesday Respectively January 3rd and 4th. They will provide further update. Tel: 318-2329

The Daughters of the King Out of School programme is closed until January 14th and will resume operations on Monday January 17th. Tel: 318-0393

The Mega D Youth Foundation Out of School programme is closed for activities until January 10th. Tel: 318-0084

Let us not get tired!

Let us not get careless!