Covid-19 Update EUX Monday January 10th, 2022

Dear Statian Residents,

This is Deputy Government Commissioner, Claudia Toet with and update on the current situation on our island.

Statistics Covid-19 January 10th:

  • Number persons tested 57
  • Number persons positive 15
  • Total number active cases 144

Vaccination Statistics January 10th

  • Vaccination 1st shot 2
  • Vaccination 2nd shot 1
  • Booster shot 28


  • One hospitalization on St. Maarten
  • One hospitalization on Statia

Exit testing for persons in isolation/quarantine:

The Public Health Department has started testing persons who are in isolation or in quarantine!

  • Today 38 persons who are in isolation or in quarantine were tested You are in isolation if you test positive. You are in quarantine if you are not vaccinated and come back from a high-risk country.
  • The GGD is currently still processing the results of these tests.
  • What is the procedure? All persons who are in isolation or in quarantine are visited at home by the GGD (Public Health Department) and tested there.
  • For Isolation this is on the 10th day, for Quarantine it is on the 14th day.

Do you want to know your Covid-19 status?

Get tested by the GGD!

 What to do if your self- test is positive?

You can use a self-test if you have mild symptoms that could indicate COVID-19. Symptoms include a mild nasal cold, runny nose, runny eyes, fever, slight cough, or sore throat. If the self-test is positive, make an appointment with the Public Health Department (GGD) to confirm the test result. If you have symptoms, you can also call the GGD directly. Tel: 318-2796.

Get tested to know you Covid-19 status. Take responsibility not only for yourselves but also for your family and colleagues. If you are unknowingly infected the risk is great that you will pass the virus on to your family and your colleagues. Register by contacting the mentioned telephone number and email addresses. Walk in is also possible.

What are the benefits of getting tested for Covid-19?

The benefit of getting tested is that you know for sure whether it is the common flu or Covid-19. When you test positive for Covid-19 your health can be monitored and evaluated by a doctor. When you do not test for Covid-19 you run the risk of becoming ill and NOT realizing the deteriorating state of your health until it is TOO LATE.

We take note that throughout the past week many residents are relying on the self-test to know their Covid-19 status. This is a first but not most reliable step of knowing your status.

The Public Health Department therefore encourage you to have the result of the self-test verified by them. Come to the Test Center at the Earl Merkman Sport Auditorium opened on weekdays from 09.00 am until 12.00 noon to get tested by our nursing staff.

Tel: 318 2796 or walk in.

Vaccination for Children 5 years and older:

•             All children from 5-11 years can be registered for their first vaccine. This will be the Pfizer vaccine.

•        The Public Health Department (GGD) continues with vaccination for the age group 12 years and older for the 1st and 2nd shot.

•        Booster vaccination for 18-59 years continues.

•        All will be receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

•        Vaccination for the age group 60 years and older continues with the booster shot.

•        As of Monday January 10th, GGD will only administer Pfizer vaccine to all age groups starting from 5 years and up.

Vaccination, Booster Campaign & Testing:

Due to the relatively low turnout for the vaccination, booster and testing throughout the day we have decided to make optimal use of our nursing team.

Testing for Covid-19, the Booster campaign and the Regular Vaccination continue this week at the Earl Merkman Sport Auditorium

These activities will no longer be held throughout the day.

All three activities will take place from Tuesday January 11th until Friday January 14th between 09.00 am and 12.00 Noon.

This way the Public Health Team and the other agencies that support them can work on other areas where they may be lagging.

Register for the Booster shot: GGD Tel: 318-2796

Register for Vaccination & Booster: GGD Tel: 318-5146 or

False reports:

This weekend false news circulated that the Government Commissioner, Alida Francis, tested positive for COVID19. I can tell you that is not true. She tested negative on Friday January 7th and negative again today January 10th and so have I.  Because of the position we both hold in Crisis Management we get tested every other day and that is why you see us at the Sports Hall, taking our test and waiting on our results.

Just like many of you daily we are in close contact with others. When a close contact test positive we ensure that we get tested so that we can know our Covid-19 status. It is the responsible thing to do.

You have our commitment that when or if either of us should test positive for Covid-19 this is not a matter that we will hide from the community. Covid-19 is like a thief in the night and will not spare anyone.

Reminder for all covid related questions:

We are in this together, Statia!

Let us not get tired!

Let us not get careless!