2023 Financial Statement

The island council has formally received the 2023 financial statement from the executive council. The statement, which the island council received on 26 June 2024, shows a deficit of $2,068,643.

The budget rights were given back to Statia last year by The Hague, after the island satisfied all three criteria required to get the rights back. There were: 

a. The financial processes must be digitised and centralised;

b. The planning and control cycle must run in accordance with the FinBES, the law that sets out how financial relations and financial supervision are arranged in Bonaire, Statia and Saba – the BES islands; and .

c. All actions from the financial management action plan must be ready.

Additionally, the Statia Government focused on sound budgetary discipline in 2023.

The island commissioner responsible for finance, Reuben Merkman said: “We are proud of what we have achieved so far. We recognise that there are still challenges that we need to address, but we remain committed to further improving the financial management and finding sustainable solutions for the future. With the trust we have built, we look to the coming years with optimism.”

The financial statement can be accessed at https://shorturl.at/KPcCw. It is also available for inspection at the public library.