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Response to letter from Government Commissioner about route-timetable

I have read your letter of 1 October 2021 about the route-timetable and your assessment of the cooperation with the Island ...

Parliamentary document | 11-01-2022

Adoption decree route timetable

I hereby offer you the route-timetable, by means of an adoption decree, as promised during my recent work visit to the ...

Parliamentary document | 11-01-2022

Letter Deputy Government Commissioner citizen participation

In response to the Parliamentary Deliberations of 3 June 20201, concerning the adoption of the St. Eustatius Provisions ...

Parliamentary document | 11-01-2022

8th Progress report on the administrative intervention on St Eustatius

Letter to inform the House of Parliaments of the progress of the projects on St. Eustatius and the progress based on the St. ...

Parliamentary document | 11-01-2022

Afschrift brief (plv) regeringscommissaris over burgerparticipatie

Doorgeleide reactie van de Statiaanse eilandsraad op de toezegging-Van Dam over (de meerwaarde van) burgerparticipatie.

Parliamentary document | 10-12-2021

Afschrift reactie op brief regeringscommissaris over route-tijdtabel

Brief van staatssecretaris Knops (BZK) aan de regeringscommissaris over de route-tijdtabel

Parliamentary document | 10-12-2021

Afschrift brief over route-tijdtabel

Brief van de regeringscommissaris van Sint Eustatius met de route-tijdtabel en een tweetal moties van de eilandsraad. 

Parliamentary document | 10-12-2021

Kamerbrief over 8e Voortgangsrapportage over de bestuurlijke ingreep Sint Eustatius

Staatsecretaris Knops (BZK) informeert de Tweede Kamer over de voortgang van de projecten op Sint Eustatius en over de voortgang ...

Parliamentary document | 10-12-2021

Tweede Kamerdebatten, overzicht met links naar website van de Tweede Kamer (in Dutch only)

Publication | 27-09-2021

Provisions Restoration Act

Act of 8 July 2020 concerning the restoration of the provisions for the administration of the public body of St Eustatius (St ...

Regulation | 23-09-2021