F. D. Roosevelt International Airport

F. D. Roosevelt International Airport is the airport located on the island of St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands. It was opened as "Golden Rock Airport" in 1946 but shortly thereafter it was renamed for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The airport is built to support small aircraft.

A small single-story terminal building processes passengers and baggage while also serving as the customs area. A two-story tower is attached.

The current passenger building was constructed in 1972.

Construction of new airport extension is underway

The new facility which is currently being built includes a 3-story tower with a dedicated air traffic control room with improved visibility. The new, modern and well-equipped passenger terminal building will be a single-story structure measuring 1,100 square meters. The new airport is expected to be operational in July 2021. 


Address: Max T. Pandt Boulevard                                                                   
Telephone: (+599) 318 2887