F. D. Roosevelt International Airport

Franklin Delano Roosevelt International Airport is located on the North of the island of St. Eustatius. It was opened as "Golden Rock Airport" in 1946 but shortly thereafter was renamed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

A development program to build a new Airport started in 2017. The previous airport was damaged due to hurricane Irma in 2017. Also due to the general average lifespan of an airport, it was necessary to construct a new building.

The new airport terminal is operational since July 2021 and measures 1100 square meter roof and 700 square meter inner space. There are a total of four (4) check-in desks, three (3) airline offices, luggage screening and a full pax- and staff airside screening. The waiting area at the gate offers 44 seats. There is an arrival baggage claim roller bed, customs check area, storage rooms, a meeting room and a security & control room. The AFISO tower consists of 3 stories and is 136 square meters. The cabin has a 360-degree view and functions as an operational room for flight and airside safety and for communication purposes.

The project was contracted to Van Boekel Bouw & Infra BV which brought specialists from Holland such as mechanical and electrical engineers. The concrete and most of the other responsibilities such as painting etc. were handled by local staff.  The main contactor also hired 4 local contractors to carry out specialists’ work.