Questions and answers related to the EHAS form

Questions and answers related to the EHAS form.

When I would like to enter Statia, do I need to request entry through
No. You will need to use the EHAS system. Please find the link here: EHAS Statia

I already received an approval to enter Statia; I received this approval before July 12th, 2021. This was done through the email. Do I still need to submit the EHAS form?
Yes, please submit the EHAS form. EHAS Statia

Where can I find the EHAS form?
The EHAS form can be found on the website, on the COVID page. The link is: EHAS Statia

Are there specific entry requirements when entering Statia? 
Yes! Please see our  entry policy  for the entry requirements, depending of your country of departure

When do I fill in the EHAS form?
The form should be filled in within 72 hours before entering Statia. 

Can I fill in the EHAS form before the 72 hours prior to my entrée? 
No. It is not possible to fill in the form earlier than the 72 hours prior to your arrival on Statia. 

Do I need to have the test results in before I can submit the EHAS form? 
Yes. You need to have your test results before you submit the EHAS form.

Do I need to fill in the EHAS form for my children?
Yes. The form must be completed and submitted for every person entering Statia. This includes children and babies. Each person entering must have pre-approval.

Do I need to fill in the form when I come back from a medical referral?
Yes. The form also needs to be completed by persons travelling for medical referrals through ZVK.  ZVK will assure that this process is taken care of. ZVK will do this in a joint effort with you

Do I need to fill in the form if I am travelling by boat?
Yes. The form also needs to be filled in for every person entering by boat on Statia, including persons entering from Saba. Besides this a separate approval for the boat transport needs to be requested by the boat owner/captain through 

What information should I provide when I fill in the EHAS form? 

  • Your passport information (for the number and validity of the passport)
  • Your travel initiatory (for stating the time of arrival and when applicable the timing of a transfer)
  • The reason for visiting Statia
  • The duration of your Stay on Statia and the location of your stay (including the planned quarantine location)
  • Your test results. This must be a PCR test (if you come from a very low risk country, this is not necessary) 
  • Your vaccination card (if you are vaccinated)

Do I need to do a test before entering Statia? If yes, which test do I need to do before entering Statia?
Yes. If you come from a low risk, high risk or very high risk country, you must have done a COVID-19 PCR test. Other types of NAAT test are also eligible. Quick tests (for example an antigen test) are not accepted and with this type of test you will not be allowed to enter Statia.

Do I need a test if I am vaccinated?
Yes. If you are vaccinated you still need to conduct a test before entering Statia, but the requirements upon your return to Statia are different. 

I had COVID-19.  Which rules apply?
If you have at least one doses of the vaccination, you will be treated as a vaccinated person. If you did not have a vaccination shot yet, you will be treated as a non-vaccinated person. You must deliver the proof that you had COVID-19 as part of the proof of vaccination.

How long will it take for the Public Health department to review my application and to provide me with an answer?
When you submit the EHAS form, it will be reviewed by an officer of the Public Health Department within 12 hours after submission. In most cases this will be quicker. But you submit the form in the evening (Statian time) you will most probably receive a response the next morning.

If I have questions regarding COVID-19 and/or about the EHAS form, is there an e-mail I can use to send these type of questions? 
Yes. The email address can be used for questions related to COVID-19, quarantine regulations, EHAS form, entry policies, etc.