The harbor facility is located at Gallowsbay on St Eustatius. This facility is a so-called General Cargo Port Facility and one of the economic lifelines for the island.

It is vital for the local population as many cargo ships, tankers and other vessels use it. There is also an area where visiting pleasure craft can moor and come on shore during non Covid-19 times.

The harbour is a very dynamic place. It is always bustling with activity. Immigration and customs have an office there as well as the harbour master and staff who oversee loading and off-loading of containers and supplies from vessels, the pilot ships which manoeuvre tankers and large vessels which come to St. Eustatius because of the oil terminal as well as a vital security unit which is in charge of making sure all arrivals adhere to the rules.

The harbour of St. Eustatius is also used to support the neighbouring island of Saba when the need arises (after hurricanes for example).