Additional COVID resources for social domain

Joint effort with teenagers and local stakeholders.

The Public Entity St. Eustatius, the Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports (VWS), local stakeholders and teenagers have recently worked on a concrete action plan to provide additional support during the continuous COVID-19 pandemic. The extra support will be provided in the areas of youth development, social and mental well-being, lifestyle and sport. 

The pandemic still has a huge impact on persons and organizations in the Caribbean Netherlands. That is why the Ministry of VWS in The Hague has made resources available to provide extra support.

Teenagers involved

Teenagers are actively involved by sharing their thoughts and ideas which form the basis for the total package of the additional COVID-19 support. The participating teenagers at the various social organizations and also the participants of the 'My new world' project have provided input. This group came up with innovative ideas to give the community something that will last. 
A total package was created by combining all the ideas. The activities include a laser tag location, debat groups, BMX-park with workshop, bringing professional sports, drama, dance & arts teachers to the island, an inter-island exchange with Saba for Sports, and more. Together with different stakeholders,  the teenagers will also be closely involved in the elaboration and execution in the coming period. The youngsters recently expressed their gratitude about being included in the process and conversations.